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Very much. Thinking in an innovative way helps me. I think in terms of hacking most of the things to make life more comfortable. Once an idea hits my thoughts, it resets my brain as if by a button and I start working in an emergency mode. Most of my inventions were born from the problems that I faced in my day-to-day life. I don’t want to live with problems; I do want to solve them as much as I can. That makes me go forward.
It is rather impossible to do scientific research daily because I have to attend school. Often my bed time becomes 3.00 a.m. making me late to get up and late at the school. Consequently, often I had to stay out of the class!
Science is my passion and my life. The risks involved make research interesting, fascinating and thrilling. Once I had to face a real danger too. In an experiment with chemicals, fumes and inhalations took me near to death. My parents were naturally worried. I remember consoling them saying, “science merits sacrifice.” However, after that incident my parents never allowed me to do any research using harmful chemicals. Life has its hazards; the one who overcomes those wins. There may be some scars!
Science and religion are not contradictory. Though I don’t believe in a particular God, I believe in a superior power which is greater than us that could be termed Nature. We are part of the same Nature.
Failures are part of my research. They are the text books to learn from and key to the next level. When my Guinness World Record attempt as a 7th grader failed, I was upset. It was the last failure that I took to my heart. Now, no more! I have learned a different way – to take failures to brain, and not to heart.
I am a motivational speaker globally. I always stress the importance of innovation when I speak to school children and college students. I share my experience with them. Everyone is unique in this world and unless we make our contribution, the world can’t do its part. Choose your goal from which you can change this world.
I want to be different from all and craft a problem-free life for everyone. I like to solve problems creatively. Once I see a problem, immediately I am on my way to look for a solution for the same. All my 19 inventions so far are the solutions for specific problems the society or an individual face.
It all started when I was 8 years old. I always liked to research and experiment. It became a routine for me. In grade 6, I had my first successful invention.
All my 19 inventions are special to me. However, some of them have been recognized at national and international level. Banana Leaf Preservation Technology is most popular so far globally. By nature, banana leaf dries up within three days as it has soft cell wall. I have hardened these cell walls and barred pathogenic agents from destroying cells. Using my technology, the leaf is prevented from drying for almost 12 months. This invention bagged more than nine international awards!

Another invention is “Adjustable Electricity Extension Board’. While working in my lab, I require many devices to plug in the sockets. Therefore I made an adjustable electricity extension board that can accommodate any type of electric plugs in compliance with the available space. The device is effective up to a distance of 3 meters.

Then I developed one computer software ‘Power Mind’ in 2008, when I was 11 years old. It is capable of running for 570 years. It is one of the world’s longest running software till date. For this I attempted for Guinness World Record.

Some other inventions are, technology to produce electricity from lightening, universal electricity outlet, transferring heat energy into electricity without any loss of energy and so on.
We observe lot of waste generated due to the enormous use of plastic plates, bowls and glasses. So I thought of an idea to utilize banana leaves to make these use & throw plates and cups. By nature, banana leaf dries up within three days as it has soft cell wall. I have hardened these cell walls and barred pathogenic agents from destroying cells. Using my technology, the leaf is prevented from drying for almost 12 months. Besides, once the plates and cups are used, it can be decomposed into manure easily. Cost of production is minimal. Moreover, the problem of wastage is solved with functional products.
I stayed in Rashtrapati Bhavan from 1 – 20 July, 2014. It was the most cherished time of my life so far! I stayed in the President’s House, along with other four national innovators of the country. We five were the first five “Innovator Scholars’ of this program. We met many dignitaries and masterminds of our nation from all walks of life. We used to discuss the problems our people are facing and found the ways to resolve them. During our stay we were also introduced to the operational working of Rashtrapati Bhavan and defense forces.
Five of the inventions are registered in the market, and the rest is on hold. The reason is, I just don’t want to sell these inventions to some MNCs that allow them to re-sell it to my people in India at higher cost! What is the point of inventing when the solution is not affordable for the masses, and the created wealth is taken out to foreign countries? After I complete my education, I shall expand my existing self-owned company and commercialize my inventions for creating more jobs and wealth in my country.
I have developed a game that is completely based on artificial intelligence. On July 25, 2016 at a pre-event function, it shall be launched. Then I am doing some research for defense and medicine field.
I have initiated a program, ‘Let’s innovate Youth’. It is currently running in 23 countries. I have personally interacted with 17,000 youths! I have only one message to all: we are born in this world, so we should do something exceptional that has a positive impact in the society, and leave a notable mark to be remembered forever!
When I was in grade 2, I wanted to learn computers and get into the internet. I started by breaking toys and building things up again. I wanted to know what was happening inside these toys so that I started to read books but it was not enough. Then, I decided to learn computers and get into the internet which made me to look for a platform where I could be taught. I went to a native computer institution and asked them to admit me but they refused as I was in grade 2 and the institution had mostly graduates. The institute didn’t allowed me for a year so I stayed there and asked them why I shouldn’t be given a chance. Finally, after a year, they allowed me to get into the institution for a trail period of 3 days to check my performance and I got admitted in the institution. On the very first day, they said me that I was good enough and I could come the next day.
After I started to learn computers, I mastered in 35 computer applications and 6 programming languages with a span of 3 years. Then, I searched for what would make me unique that made me to think of Guinness World Records and I wanted to be a part of it. I did my Guinness World Record attempt at the age of 11 which was titled “Most Softwares and Games Created on the Youngest Age”. I created 5 softwares and 8 games and that was how my journey started.
I would term every invention as my childlike so I could remark with the impact it created. One of inventions, Banana Leaf Technology was the most impactful one that was capable of preserving leaves without using any chemicals so that the leaves would be like in the nature for about a year. I stopped the ageing of the cells and increased its properties like durability, crushability, temperature resistance, etc. I created a biodegradable material from the leaves with the combination of paper, plastic and metal with the purpose of making disposable products ranging from cups and plates to chairs and tables.
Yes, there were few but one moment I had in my memory always as a remarkable one that occurred in Indian Science Congress at Jammu. I was a delicate listening to the address of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and it was about a young prodigy who did many inventions and solving global problems. At first, I was curious and later, I was slightly envious about that person. After a while, he stated my name and I just stared at him even he didn’t know I was there. It was an unforgettable memory in my life.
A while back, I was handling an experiment in my laboratory, I got a call stated, “Mr. Tenith, you were invited to the Rashtrapati Bhavan” and I replied in a funny way that one of my friends made that call. Then I came to realize the situation that it was real and I just didn’t know what was happening over that time. I went there and I was scared for about an hour when I was inside the President’s house and started to think of the steps that it had taken to be there.
I received 17 international awards, 10 national awards, 10 state awards and 1 Guinness World Record. I represented India in several forums and conferences internationally and also had been as an International Jury for about 10 International Expos and Completions. Mostly, I received awards for my scientific research, entrepreneurship and social activities. Few of my accomplishments are International Youth Creative Award, International Young Scientist and International Young Inventor Award from the government of Georgia.
I started a campaign named “Let’s Innovate Youth” that was a youth motivating and mentoring campaign for technical and scientific advancements. So far, the campaign had reached 67,000 students around the world from more than 30 countries. We could see a drastic difference in youth after organizing the campaign. To date, over 35 inventions had been mentored successfully and crossed its prototyping stage inside the campaign.
Altruu is a global social network which is completely track-free in which you can connect, discover and contribute to what matters to you the most. The users are secured entirely and they are not tracked. Altruu is about connecting to what information or knowledge you need and the information liked by others are not dominated to you on Altruu. Values are the things that define who you are so that we stick to it. Users can discover their values that are strolled and the information is connected with them through their values so that you don’t need to follow the information and it will follow you anywhere and everywhere. That is what our principle is. We have reached more than 1 lakh non-private users alone within a year from the date of launch. We are currently moving forward to fund the social networking enterprise with a selling ratio of USD 3 million for one percentage.
Everyone in this planet is unique and nobody can fill your place. The thing is that we have to unleash our potential and need to find the right place for us in the planet. We have to leave an impact more than what the planet have given to us. Do not give up on any situation; Keep up the good spirit in which we are blessed with.
I think that I am an innovator, a professional coin collector, a software developer, a teacher, a bird tamer and a gamer. I want to learn a lot of things at the same time and I make sure I learn something new every day. When I was in grade 4, I started to study Computer Applications and mastered 35 Computer Applications and 6 Languages.
I spend most of my time in the lab to come up with various solutions and innovations that could help society at large. Unlike a regular kid of my age group, I get busy with finishing up my homework on time so I can get one extra hour of play time. I am awake till 3 am experimenting in my lab.
Ha ha! I am an outstanding student of the class as I am always standing out. I sleep too late so that I can’t able to reach classes on time and as a result, I have to stand outside. But, I manage to pull off the syllabus and do well in the exam. Small setbacks don’t affect my desire to achieve bigger success anymore.
When I work on various experiments I need a lot of plug points to power my devices, which would mean a lot of wires and a big mess. I used to get very irritated with this so, I thought to solve the issue. I developed an adjustable electricity extension board, in which one can put any type of electric plugs wherever space is available. The device is effective up to a length of 3 meters, and the model is ready for commercialization.
A novel eco-friendly technology to keep leaves green for 1 year without any chemicals to replace plastic. Naturally, leaves and most biomaterials degrade within a shelf lifespan of three days and are discarded as waste. Banana leaf technology is a cellular eco-friendly technology that preserves leaves and organic biomaterials for a year without the use of any chemicals. This technology enhances the leaves’ physical properties thus making a viable biodegradable material alternative to both plastic and paper. Increased in their durability, stretchability and crushability, preserved leaves can resist extreme temperatures and hold more weight than their original nature. The preservation capability of leaves with natural green color is for a period of up to one year and an extended shelf lifespan of three years without its natural color. The technology enhances cells, strengthens cell walls of leaves and prevents pathogenic agents from destroying the cells. These processed biomaterials are biodegradable, healthy, pathogenic resistant, human-friendly and completely eco-friendly. A viable replacement for disposables, it prevents the destruction of around 7 billion trees annually.
I have received global recognition including 2 world record attempts, 2 National Awards, 7 Titled Awards, 5 State Awards and many District Awards. I am also a winner of the IGNITE Awards conducted by National Innovation Foundation-India. In addition to this, I was selected for the inaugural “Innovator in Residence” program of the President office launched by the Honourable President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee on his birthday on December 11, 2013.
I am inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s life. After reading about him I decided that I will not be a Scientist only, but will become an inventor who makes people’s lives better. I want to become an aeronautical engineer and a space scientist like Dr. Abdul Kalam and Stephen Hawking.
Yes, 100%. The biomaterial and the products made from it are free of chemicals and completely organic. The products are healthy, human-friendly, food-grade and compliant to the regulations of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). These properties make it an excellent choice for animal fodder and an economically viable food for farm animals.
Plastic and paper are the key players in the current environmental crisis. More than half of the world’s plastic and paper are rapidly utilized for single-use products and ends up as trash across the globe, solving this root cause will be a critical game-changer in the fight against climate change. This is the problem we are currently focusing to solve. Solving this problem creates a ripple effect in the environment and economy, covering more than 14 global environmental challenges and results in the circular economy across various industries.
This technology creates materials that are completely customizable to make products suitable for any application. We are currently capable of producing more than 30 products that significantly dominate the disposable markets. Still, we cannot replace all the paper and plastic consumption in the world. We make a humble initiative to combat disposables that are responsible for more than half of the world’s plastic and paper usage, but ultimately, it is in the hands of humankind to change the tides.
Yes, all the products made from this biomaterial are of export standard. They can be stored for a long time and can be shipped across nations. The materials are rackable, thus saves huge storage space. The trackability of each product depends on its product design.
Yes, it is possible to manufacture any product as this is a biomaterial and the products can be customized according to the manufacturer’s design.
Yes, this material is a writeable medium, but they are not as efficient as paper in the sense of color and surface texture.
Yes, this technology can be applied to any biological material, since it is a cellular enhancement.
The environment, under which it is placed, plays a key role in the shelf life of the product. If it is trashed in a degrading environment, it decomposes in a timeline similar to a natural leaf.
We currently use banana leaves as raw materials because they are abundant in nature and a commercially viable choice, but this technology can be applied to any biomaterial present in nature.
Our mission is to solve the global climate crisis without compromising the economy. The production of the enhanced biomaterial from leaves is by far the most cost-effective biodegradable alternative. The additional cost of the product varies by its product design and add-on features like additional mechanical strength and added compliance. We are always dedicated to creating eco-friendly sustainable products that are price-competitive in the current global market. Variable cost plays a vital role in determining the cost-effectiveness of the end product, hence it is always advised to carry out mass production with optimized operations to ensure effective marginal cost.
Yes, they are. The durability depends on product type, design, and configurations. The enhanced biomaterial is capable of handling both static and dynamic loads as equivalent to its non-eco-friendly counterparts.
No, we’re not. Since banana leaf preservation technology is applicable to numerous materials and applications, the usage of these products is countless. They cover various industries and it is an alternative to most fast-moving consumer goods. Because it is an FMCG, no single company can produce and deliver global needs alone. We vision a cost-effective biodegradable choice that must be available to all human beings regardless of their geographical and economic boundaries. Hence, we currently sell the tech license worldwide to any company that shares the vision, to make this planet a better place for all living beings.
Yes, any commercial or non-commercial company can purchase the license to this technology by technology transfer. The license will be granted for a lifetime to operate worldwide.
Altruu, a discovery engine, a social and information network Altruu is a track-free global social network and discovery engine to connect, discover and contribute to what matters to us, providing next-generation versatility with centralized information security to users. The world’s first versatile social network that allows connection with what we love. We provide solutions to fake news, control the spreading of misleading information and shred the digital footprint of users, assuring the basic human right, our privacy. In simple terms, Altruu is the place where people can maintain their information diet. Altruu allows unbroken and bilateral connections between humans and information by building digital bridges between them. We are dedicated to connecting with the best information on earth and empowering people with breakthrough knowledge. Our core vision is to become the largest centralized collection of human knowledge where all world knowledge is pooled for the greater good of humankind. Altruu’s short-term objective is to redefine the way of information networking and to emerge as a young billion-dollar enterprise with a zebra landscape.
I’m a serial innovator, speaker & programmer. I have been fascinated with computer science, physics & biology. As an inventor, I have 19 inventions in my credit; my main aim is to develop inventions that make life easy for the people. I am also a computer buff having one Guinness World Record and two Guinness World Record attempts. I have been programming stuffs since from the age of 9. My passions are innovating, free-lance programming, coin collection, chess, software developing, teaching, chairing organizations. I like to spend time doing scientific experiments in my lab to come up with various solutions and innovations that could help society at large from the grade 2. I want to be an aerospace engineer and to join ISRO.

I was invited to the United Nations HQ – Vienna based on my research and campaign regarding environment & sustainability. One of my inventions, Banana Leaf Technology bagged me ten international awards including International 1st place in International Environment Fair – Netherlands, only Indian to be entreated by this honor. For my selfless works & impact on environment, British government awarded me the most prestigious Diana International award. I am the first teenager who have honored and stayed with President of India in President House (Rashtrapati Bhavan) over a month as a guest for my social and scientific works.

The trigger for my innovations is ‘I do not want to live with the problems, I want to solve them’.
Naturally, leaves do not stay green long and it becomes dry in two-three days and is generally thrown away as waste. This tech preserves leaves makes it longer available for up to 3 years, also increases its durability, stretch ability, crushability, resistance to extreme temperatures like 222oC (indirect), weight holding capacity, makes the banana leaf more convenient to make any utilities.

Processed leaves are like biodegradable plastic, a new kind of material. This could replace plastics for making chemical free Eco friendly products like plates, cups, containers and even durable tables & chairs. They are eco-friendly and Cost effective by 66 % as of plastic. By this tech we can reduce up to 59 % of plastic, 18 % of paper worldwide. This could save 30 million trees & 2 million marine animals per year in India.

This invention shaped me as an environmentalist and I initiated my awareness campaign “Towards a green globe” when I was 11 and organized several camps that covered 11,792 people all over the world.

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