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Very much. Thinking innovatively helps me. I think to make life more comfortable and create a meaningful impact. Once an idea hits my thoughts, it sets my brain focus and I start working in emergency mode. Most of my inventions were born from the problems that I faced in my day-to-day life. I don’t want to live with problems; I do want to solve them as much as I can. That makes me go forward.

It is rather hard to do scientific research daily because I have to attend school and do academic homework. Often my bedtime becomes 3.00 a.m. making me late to get up and late for school. Consequently, often I had to stay out of the class!

Science is my passion. The risk involved in research is very minimal. Sometimes risks involved make the experiments interesting, fascinating, and thrilling. Once I had to face a real danger too. During an experiment involving harmful chemicals, an accident resulted in toxic fumes and followed inhalations that took me near to death, even with appropriate safety measures. My parents were inherently terrified. I remember consoling them saying, “science merits sacrifice.” However, after that incident my parents never allowed me to do any research involving harmful chemicals. There may be some scars; the one who overcomes those wins.

Science and religion are not contradictory. Though I don’t believe in a particular God, I believe in a superior power that is greater than us that could be termed as nature. We are all part of nature.

Failures are part of my life and research. When my Guinness World Record attempt as a 7th grader failed, I was disappointed. It was the last failure that I took to my heart. They are the textbooks to learn from and the key to the next level.

I share my experience with them. Everyone is unique in this world and unless we make our contribution, the world can’t do its part as a whole. Choose your goal from which you can change this world, that is the message I carry forward.

I want to create an impact for all and craft a problem-free life for everyone. I like to solve problems creatively. Once I see a problem, immediately I am on my way to look for a solution. All my 19 inventions are the result of solutions to problems that I have encountered in society.

It all started when I was 6 years old. I always like to experiment. It became a routine for me. In grade 6, I had my first successful invention.

All my 19 inventions are special to me. However, some of them have been recognized at national and international levels due to their potential impact. Banana Leaf Preservation Technology is the most popular and environmentally beneficial. Naturally, banana leaves dry up and starts to decompose within three days. Using my technology, the leaf is preserved for almost 12 months. This invention bagged more than nine international awards!

Another invention is the “Adjustable Electricity Extension Board’. While working in my lab, I require many devices to plug in the sockets. Therefore I made an adjustable electricity extension board that can accommodate any type of electric plug in compliance with the available space. The device is effective up to a distance of 3 meters.

We observe lot of waste generated due to the enormous use of plastic plates, bowls and glasses. So I thought of an idea to utilize banana leaves to make these disposable products.

Banana Leaf Preservation Technology, an enhancement technology that creates biomaterials from natural leaves without chemicals thus a viable material alternative for both plastic and paper, capable of replacing a range of single-use plastic and paper products. The enhancement includes increased shelf life, customizability, and multiple material properties. The startup can prevent the destruction of around 7 billion trees annually and can greatly reduce climate change and the plastic epidemic.

I stayed in Rashtrapati Bhavan from 1 – 20 July 2014. It was one of the cherished periods of my life! I stayed in the President’s House, along with other four national innovators of the country. We five were the first “Innovator Scholars’ of the nation. We met with numerous dignitaries and bureaucrats of our nation from all walks of life. We used to discuss the problems the people are facing and the ways to resolve them. During our stay, we were also introduced to the functionalities of Rashtrapati Bhavan and our nation’s defense forces.

When I was in grade 2, I wanted to learn computers and get into the internet. I started by breaking toys and building things up again. I wanted to know what was happening inside these toys so I started to read books but it was not enough. Then, I decided to learn computers and get into the internet which made me look for a platform where I could be taught. I went to a computer institution and asked them to admit me but they refused as I was in grade 2 and the institution had mostly graduates.

I would term every invention as my childlike so I could remark with the impact it created. One of inventions, Banana Leaf Technology was the most impactful one that was capable of preserving leaves without using any chemicals so that the leaves would be like in the nature for about a year. I stopped the ageing of the cells and increased its properties like durability, crushability, temperature resistance, etc. I created a biodegradable material from the leaves with the combination of paper, plastic and metal with the purpose of making disposable products ranging from cups and plates to chairs and tables.

Yes, there were a few but If I could recall one remarkable is that occurred at Indian Science Congress in Jammu. I was delicate listening to the address of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and it was about a young prodigy who did multiple inventions to solve people’s problems. I was curious to listen and know more and was slightly surprised. After a while, he stated my name in the address as the prodigy. It was an unforgettable memory in my life.

Everyone on this planet is unique and nobody can fill your place. We have to unleash our potential and need to find the right place for us to deliver our impact. We have to leave an effect more than what the planet has given to us. Do not give up on any situation; Keep up the good spirit with which we are blessed.

I think that I am an innovator.

I spend most of my time in the lab coming up with various solutions and innovations that could help society at large. Unlike a regular kid of my age group, I get busy finishing up my homework on time so I can get one extra hour of playtime. I am awake till 3 am experimenting in my lab.

Ha ha! I am an outstanding student in the class as I am always standing out. I go to bed very late, which makes me miss classes. Frequently, I was not able to reach classes on time as a result, I have to stand outside. But, I manage to pull off the syllabus and do well in the exam, which keeps me fine.

Plastic and paper are the key players in the current environmental crisis. More than half of the world’s plastic and paper are rapidly utilized for single-use products and ends up as trash across the globe, solving this root cause will be a critical game-changer in the fight against climate change. This is the problem we are currently focusing to solve. Solving this problem creates a ripple effect in the environment and economy, covering more than 14 global environmental challenges and results in the circular economy across various industries.

We currently use banana leaves as raw materials because they are abundant in nature and a commercially viable choice, but this technology can be applied to most biobased materials present in nature.

The trigger for my innovations is ‘I do not want to live with the problems, I want to solve them’.

The technology was inspired by the dream to create a superior sustainable biomaterial to put an end to the environmental crisis.

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    "As individuals we are victorious, but as united we are heroic"

    - Tenith Adithyaa M

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