Tenith Adithyaa M

Inventor and Innovation Scholar

CEO, Tenith Innovations
Founder, Altruu Discovery Engine
Founder, Let's Innovate Youth Movement
President, International Science Federation
Chairman, Altruu Innovation Centre

Tenith Adithyaa M

Inventor and Innovation Scholar

CEO, Tenith Innovations
Founder, Altruu Discovery Engine
Founder, Let's Innovate Youth Movement
President, International Science Federation
Chairman, Altruu Innovation Centre








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Motivational speaker

Tenith Adithyaa is an entrepreneur, inventor, and activist.

Tenith is the founder and CEO of Tenith Innovations; CEO and Chief Engineer at Banana Leaf Technology; Chairman of Altruu Innovation Centre; President of the International Science Federation; and founder of Altruu Discovery Engine and Let's Innovate Youth Movement.

Born in Tamil Nadu, India, Adithyaa started experimenting at the age of 6 and created his first invention, and released his first software, both at the age of 10. Professionally, Tenith chose entrepreneurship at the age of 15 by establishing an R&D company. At the age of 16, he was accredited as the first Innovation Scholar of the nation by the Government of India.

A serial innovator, teenage scientist, researcher, software developer, motivational speaker, science campaigner, professional coin collector, Guinness world record holder, and teacher, Tenith Adithyaa invented 19 inventions in diverse fields ranging from biotechnology to alternative energy at the age of 18.

Tenith presides as the CEO of Tenith Innovations, a research & development company that focuses on social impact. As the founder of the creative literacy and social innovation movement 'Let's Innovate Youth', he empowered more than 89,000 youths worldwide since 2009. He is the president of the International Science Federation, a global non-profit scientific organization that nurtures innovators and change makers.

He is the Chief Engineer of Banana Leaf Technology, a climate tech startup that creates augmented organic biobased materials made from natural leaves. In 2018, He formed Altruu Innovation Centre, an inclusive acceleration platform that fosters scientific and entrepreneurial talents, of which he is Chairman. He founded Altruu, an internet startup that builds a discovery engine to redefine the way people consume information.

Being part of the global scientific community, he functions as an international jury and an academic consultant overseeing scientific innovations. Autogenous Deep Intelligence AI and Future Leader Program are also his brainchildren. He has bagged an international reputation for his scientific contribution and social services.

Tenith is currently working on making the world’s information discoverable and combating climate change with sustainable materials.

Personally Tenith is


Tenith started experimenting at the age of 6 and created his first invention at age 10. He developed 19 inventions at the age of 18 including the world’s first cellular enhancement technology to create organic augmented biobased materials. ‘Banana Leaf Preservation Technology’, an eco-friendly tech that preserves natural leaves for a year without the use of any chemicals, making a viable biobased material alternative for both plastic and paper that greatly reduces climate change and the plastic epidemic, which bagged "International Environment Award", the highest honor for environmental works and led an invitation to Parliament of Netherland.

For his contribution to science, he was awarded the "Innovation Scholar" of India, the highest honor for grassroots innovators and professional inventors in the nation. He is the first Indian to receive the "International Young Inventor Award", the highest honor for civilian inventors. He was also awarded the "International Youth Creative Award", the highest honor for civilians under 30 by the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Professionally Tenith is


Professionally, Tenith chose entrepreneurship at the age of 15 by establishing an R&D company. Tenith Innovations is a technology and research company that focuses on impact entrepreneurship by providing social-first products in key areas such as R&D, technology, and education. With advanced research proficiency and prototyping, the companies primarily on deliver breakthrough innovations and develop cutting-edge products that make people's lives easier. The current professional portfolio includes a climate tech startup, an internet tech startup, and the research company.

The professional benchmarks include the commercialization of the world’s longest-running computer program, India’s first expertise development platform, the world’s first AI forged software, and the development of a general-purpose artificial intelligence operating system. Incorporated in 2017, The company develops new products and solutions covering 19 industrial fields and is the only Indian company to hold a Guinness World Record in the computer sector.

Socially Tenith is


Starting as a science campaigner, Tenith founded a creative literacy and social innovation movement at the age of 10 as a national technological awareness campaign that turned out to be a global movement in 2013 and federated a global scientific organization at the age of 18. The ‘Let's Innovate Youth’ movement aimed to empower youth with innovation and creative education, impacting 89,000 young minds worldwide across 24 countries which allowed the creation of 22 new innovations. ‘International Science Federation’, a global non-profit scientific organization that nurtures innovators and change makers. The Federation seeks to support innovations, scientific research, and ideas that can bring positive impact and prosperous change in human lives.

For his social contribution, Tenith was awarded the "National Techno-social Achiever Award" in 2018, the highest honor for social work in the technological field in the nation. He is the first Indian to receive the "International Scientific Contribution Award", the highest honor for social activism in science. He was also awarded "The International Diana Award", the highest honor for international community services by the Government of Britain.

With The President of India
@Rashtrapati Bhavan
During the official stay in
the President House

International Youth Creative
Award with Prince of
Bahrain @ Bahrain

Global Science Fair
Gold Medalist

With Former
President of India
Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Awarded as
the Innovation Scholar
Government of India

Young Inventor

Guinness World
Record Holder in the
field of Computer

Contribution Award

CEO of tenith innovations

Tenith Innovations

Research and Development Company

year 2017

Age 18

Just Solving Global Problems…

Tenith Innovations is a technology and research company focused primarily on delivering breakthrough innovations and developing cutting-edge products that make people's lives easier. Incorporated as an R&D enterprise in 2017, The company develops new products and solutions in key areas such as R&D, technology, and education. Tenith Innovations focuses on impact entrepreneurship by providing social-first products.

Corporate Identity Number: U73100TN2017OPC114955

Creating a better world, one innovation at a time


Founder of Altruu Discovery Engine


Internet Startup - Discovery Engine

year 2018

Age 20

Goodbye to the era of search engines

Altruu, the internet startup that builds an discovery engine with information diet as its core.

A Social & Information Network

A Discovery Engine

The place to maintain your Information Diet

People spend most of their time online discovering new content, it is more than ever discovering occupies a large segment of online traffic. Even so, the discovery is carried out with the help of general search and networking. Hence the need for an efficient platform to carry out discovery is raised.

Altruu, The Discovery Engine is a discovery platform that allows users to have an easy, instant access to a vast and diverse amount of possible information. Through interest-driven Internet discovery, users have easy, instant flow of a vast and diverse amount of online information.

The vision to change the way people consume information and knowledge inspired us to build a company that values freedom of information, free speech, and power to the people.

The information diet of yours is our mastery. Altruu hand-picks the right ingredients, infuses multiple cuisines of information and present it to you in a way that makes it more appealing. Altruu serves the information in the best ways that reflect its nature, credibility, and transparency.

Altruu allows unbroken and bilateral connections between humans and information by building digital bridges between them. We are dedicated to discovering the best information on earth using intelligent discovery and empowering people with breakthrough knowledge.

Altruu is a place where people can maintain their information diet.


When there is information, there is enlightenment. But unless the information is organized, processed, and available to the right people, it is more of a burden than a benefit. We, at Altruu, believe that information provides freedom, and freedom is non-negotiable. Hence we are devoted to making human knowledge universal and connectable, and leaving the planet better than we found it.​

Making information discoverable


Inventor of Banana Leaf Technology

Banana Leaf Technology

Cellular Enhancement Technology

year 2010

Age 11


Banana Leaf Technology is a climate tech startup that commercializes augmented organic biobased materials made from natural leaves using enhancement technologies.

This biotechnology startup utilizes Banana Leaf Preservation Technology, an enhancement technology that creates biomaterials from natural leaves without chemicals thus a viable material alternative for both plastic and paper, capable of replacing a range of single-use plastic and paper products. The enhancement includes increased shelf life, customizability, and multiple material properties. The startup can prevent the destruction of around 7 billion trees annually and can greatly reduce climate change and the plastic epidemic.

The Cellular Enhancement Tech to Create Organic Bio-Material

100% Eco-friendly


Chemical Free

bio Degradable


SUSTAINABLE Bio material Made from natural leaves

Good bye to single-use plastic, say hello to banana

Naturally, leaves and most biomaterials degrade within a shelf lifespan of three days and are discarded as waste. Banana Leaf Preservation Technology is a cellular eco-friendly technology that preserves natural leaves for a year without the use of any chemicals, making a viable biobased material alternative for both plastic and paper which greatly reduces climate change and the plastic epidemic. This technology enhances the leaves' physical properties thus making a viable alternative biodegradable material to manufacture disposable products.

Increased in their durability, stretchability, and crushability, preserved leaves can resist extreme temperatures and hold more weight than their original nature. The preservation capability of leaves with natural green color is for a period of up to one year and an extended shelf lifespan of three years without its natural color.

We vision a cost-effective biodegradable choice must be available to all human beings regardless of their geographical and economical factor. The technology enhances cells, strengthens cell walls of leaves, and prevents pathogenic agents from destroying the cells. These processed biomaterials are biodegradable, healthy, human-friendly, and completely eco-friendly. A viable replacement for disposables, it prevents the destruction of around 7 billion trees annually.

Combating climate change with super hero leaves


Creator of world’s longest running computer program

Power Mind

Analytical Gaming Software

year 2010

Age 12

A millennium challenge

Power Mind is a strategy analytical game designed as standalone software that could be played for more than half a millennium. Developed in 2010, it is a strategy-based game that focuses gameplay on the fine motor and logical adaptability of gamers. Built with minimal processing and storage requirements, the game has the capability of running for up to 570 years continuously, making it the longest-running computer program ever created.

Power Mind is structured to naturally lead to a quest that can be resolved through logic and deduction. In Power Mind, the player, as the ‘mind bender’ provides a targeted spot using rational thinking by taking turns with millions of possibilities. The object of this single-player game is to complete the quest by computing the right targeted spot in the lowest number of moves with rigorous thinking and finely tuned intuition to outwit each level. There are exponential ways to arrive at the targeted spot, and every game quest is different that integrates deeper mathematical and strategic thinking into the gameplay.

Dinamalar (தினமலர்), a national wide tamil news paper. Published on 20 July 2010.

Played against the computer, this game presents an opportunity for the player to choose from different actions, strategize, or even a unique plan course of action ahead to decrease the prolixity. It is an easy enough concept for younger players to understand and more experienced players will be able to strategize about which targeted area to play and where to move on the range to gain more scores and reduce turns. As the player must visualize different play plan ahead of each level, the game help players develop skills such as multi-step problem-solving, spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, and resource management.

With the goal of becoming the world’s longest-running computer program, this software is developed with Visual Basic .NET language, also undertaken a Guinness World Record titled “Longest running computer program” in July 2010.

Mind Bending Gaming to the core


Chairman of Altruu Innovation Centre

Altruu Innovation Centre

Innovation & Entrepreneurial Incubation Centre

year 2018

Age 20

Inclusive Acceleration platform for social impact

The Altruu Innovation Centres (AICs) are the innovation hubs that facilitate an ecosystem to foster innovation, professional development, and entrepreneurship. The Centre progresses towards enabling the growth of next-generation advancement and intellectual capital for promising candidates. The Altruu Innovation Centres are classified into 3 divisions offering a comprehensive set of programs and services in multiple expertized areas to accelerate technology advances and stimulate talent development through skills and professional training.

AICs collaborate with diverse organizations and academic institutions, with a common goal to accelerate the creation of new inventions, start-ups, change makers, ideas, and the growth of local talents.

Altruu Force Accelerator

The Altruu Force Accelerator focuses on enriching a range of social impact start-ups by business validation, project space, inclusive development, and specific business sessions using incubation support.

Altruu Impact Accelerator

The Altruu Impact Accelerator focuses on the development of intellectual capital of individuals with multi-field proficiency that enables professional advancements for everyone in an inclusive manner.

Altruu Research Accelerator

The Altruu Research Accelerator focuses on enhancing scientific and innovation temperament through hands-on engagements, including idea scale-up, product development, and mentorship.

The Altruu Innovation Centres offers a comprehensive set of programs and services to nurture innovation, entrepreneurship, and talent incubation. Each Altruu Centre has unique programs and structure of operation, designed to accelerate technology advancement and stimulate the creative ecosystem through innovative practices.

Fostering entrepreneurship and talent incubation


Creator of Blue Whale Awareness Tool

BWhale Aware

Digital Awareness Tool

year 2016

Age 17

The world’s first awareness mobile tool to combat suicidal games

BWhale Aware is a universal cyber awareness tool that assists in combating digital threats and suicidal games. Launched in 2016, the world’s first awareness mobile tool to combat suicidal games focuses on stress management, mental health, cyber safety, and parenting. The digital activism tool aided in curbing 2 global suicidal phenomena by countering dangerous online trends through assisting and serving more than 1 million users in 70+ countries, saving 500 lives.

Suicide games
Cyber Safety
Mental Health

BWhale Aware (Blue Whale Awareness), is a cyber awareness tool that enables you to walk through information about digital threats and mental wellness. The tool precisely predicted the potential spread of the viral social media phenomenon, the blue whale challenge in multiple countries that led to timely measures against the digital catastrophe.

This tool acts as a comprehensive guide to combat stress, depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts and also empowers parents to protect their kids at the right time. BWhale Aware App also features integrated helplines with single-click access to the international crisis center and hotlines, a direct SOS email system, and dedicated emergency services around the globe.

saving human lives digitally


Motivational Speaker

Tenith has been traveling an inspirational path for more than a decade as a motivational speaker. His words have been echoed in more than hundreds of stages and summits across the globe. His passion to ignite young minds keeps the journey fueled.

The passion to be a potential catalyst for a better world ignited everything. He spends time as an inspirational speaker, subject matter expert on scientific advancements, technology, social & digital activism, environmental protection, entrepreneurship, and various policy-related issues, and an industry speaker in addition to being a motivational speaker.

formulator of the Olympic Initiative

The Olympic Initiative

Sports Talent Development Ecosystem

year 2016

Age 18

Olympic voice as an 18-year-old teen

Offer to Indian Olympian

An open letter with robust framework to the Prime Minister of India talking about the crucial steps that can help redefine the condition of sports in India, and how he wants to contribute

As the world’s largest democracy with the world's largest youth population, India holds great potential in shaping the future of the planet. With the right policies and developments, the nation can empower young people to excel at a global level in diverse fields. When young people realize their full potential and explore opportunities, the magnitude of nations’ growth will accelerate exponentially. As citizens, it is the responsibility of every single person to enable the development and empowerment of the nation.

The Olympic Initiative ‘India Towards Olympics Hunt’ is a comprehensive initiative formulated with vibrant guidelines of diverse key factors and a public contribution module to transform India into a sporting nation. The core guideline focuses on steps that can be undertaken for identifying and sustaining talent from multidisciplinary grassroots levels for international sporting. The crowdfunding module allows direct public involvement in the sports sector where every individual can contribute to regional athletes towards the development of talent at the grassroots level. The key factors address qualified infrastructure, talent identification, strategic planning, and development needed in each sport from the ground to the professional level. It improves sporting conditions by fostering the right talent at a young age. The resulting program enables athletes to begin training from scratch and enhances performance in a sustainable environment.

The comprehensive initiative towards the betterment of Indian sports was proposed to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India and the Ministry of Youth Affairs And Sports, Government of India in the aftermath of the 2016 Rio Olympics. The initiative proposed to the Prime Minister's Office in 2016 resulted in the formation of Khelo India Youth Games ‘Play India Youth Games’ on 31 January 2018 across 16 sports with the Indian Olympic Association on board.

Voicing for the Olympic


originator of Global Future Leader Program

Global Future Leader Program

Expertise Development Platform

year 2014

Age 16

leadership and personality development educational program

The Global Future Leader Program is a platform engineered to enhance young minds in mastering leadership and information-age skills through creative education. The program framed in 2014, fosters youth to succeed in this digital era by incorporating diverse and multi-proficient expertise. This inclusive platform focuses on 64 skill sets and delivers 7 fluencies in an experiment-based environment.

Learning Fluency
Information Fluency
Collaboration Fluency
Creativity Fluency
Media Fluency
Solution Fluency
Digital Fluency

The program focuses on helping students learn leadership and diplomacy skills from an early age with strong moral values. To further the information age skills, The Global Future Leaders Program consists of 15 levels, with hands-on practical activities being a key element. The program brings together people from diverse fields and talents, thus creating opportunities for them to develop essential mastery.

In addition to developing strong leadership qualities, they also acquire high emotional intelligence (EQ) which is essential for organized efforts in today's society. This flagship program in the space of a dynamic learning environment specializes in human-centric educational values and youth leadership for people of age 10-27 worldwide.

Making Young Minds Extraordinary


Founder of Let's innovate Youth Movement

Let's Innovate Youth

Creative Literacy & Social Innovation Movement

year 2009

Age 10

For the era of change makers

Let's Innovate Youth Movement is a creative literacy and social innovation movement aimed at empowering the innovational and entrepreneurial spirit of young people. This organization works for the betterment of our planet and humanity impacting 89,000 young minds worldwide across 36 countries with 178 brainstorming camps. Founded as a national technological awareness campaign in 2009, turned out to be a global literacy movement in 2013 which resulted in the creation of 22 new innovations.

The Let's Innovate Youth Movement is engineered as a platform to address and to better integrate the literacy of environment, education, and innovation beyond the scope of formal education. The Movement aims to expand the concept of general literacy and to bring forward the importance of innovation and creative thinking in everyday life. The Movement emphasises diverse creative literacy not limited to formal academic education.

With this goal in mind, our journey begins in 2009 as a technological awareness campaign. In addition to technology literacy, the environment, education, and innovation were on board when the campaign became a social literacy movement. The partnership with various institutes and organizations, helped the movement to cover more than a hundred sites which resulted in a nationwide impact. In 2013, Let's Innovate Youth has become a global movement.

The mission of the movement is to empower creative youth for the betterment of our planet and humanity. The organization’s activities are primarily focused on creative literacy in the environment, education, and scientific innovation.

The untapped stream of innovative minds is the world’s greatest loss in this intellectual age. Sowing the seeds of creativity and harnessing their capabilities will eliminate the greatest threats to human civilization, now and in the future. Creative thinking and a problem-solving mindset are the only possible equalizers of our current environmental, economical and social imbalance. We passionately work towards making a significant difference in people’s lives and their communities. The prime activity of the Let's Innovate Youth Movement is to optimize and streamline the thought process of young minds. It enables mastering the art of innovation and creative thinking.

The Let's Innovate Youth Movement was conceptualized as a technological awareness campaign for the people who shape our planet, the young minds. The nationwide success of the movement pushed the vision across borders in 2013. The timely progression allowed the transformation of the campaign into a global social literacy empowerment movement.

Empowering change makers and disrupters of tomorrow



Tamil Numerical Evolution Initiative

Language evolution policy

year 2010

Age 12

The initiative to implement vernacular Tamil numerals and advance digital usage

The Tamil language is one of the few classical languages which is still spoken by millions of people throughout the world, in diverse countries. Though many classical languages are extinct, the Tamil language withstands remarkably in the modern world due to its vernacular nature.

The digital world plays an important role in every possible activity thus shaping the way of modern living. As the long-standing classical language, the Tamil language holds a significant position to become digitally more accessible. If the richness and versatility of the Tamil language are infused, it will widely contribute to the advancement of the digital age in more than one aspect.

The Tamil Numerical Evolution Initiative is a research initiative set forth to act as the initial guidelines for linguistic experts and scholars to create a clear distinction between language characters and numerals that is efficient for universal digital usage, hence the numerals can be better deployed and utilized on various functions. In general, the Tamil language typeset is widely used yet it is hard to find the usage of Tamil numerals due to their similarities with the characters.

The proposed evolution of the Tamil language numerals is submitted in 2010 to the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Directorate of Tamil Official Language and Tamil Culture (now Ministry of Tamil Official Language and Tamil Culture) around the occasion of the 10th World Classical Tamil Conference. The guidelines submitted are taken into consideration for the appropriate measures and pave solution to this profound issue, addressing both general and technical usages. The initiative holds a vital part in the coexistence of the Tamil language numerals and characters, evolving the Tamil numerals vernacular, ensuring a significant advancement in day-to-day public usage, and digital accessibility.

advancing classical languages


Creator of Autogenous Deep Intelligence AI

Autogenous Deep Intelligence AI

Artificial Intelligence Operating System

year 2015

Age 16

General-purpose artificial intelligence system

Autogenous Deep Intelligence AI is an artificial intelligence system that produces results that resemble human reasoning using multiple artificial intelligence frameworks. The ADI system integrates several open-source artificial intelligence frameworks, incorporating autoregressive and multiple-adaptive models. The mission is to develop and deliver a simplified, ethical and safe Artificial Intelligence system for everyone.

Built on a performance approach called adaptive autogenesis, Autogenous Deep Intelligence is conceived and trained over a period of 3 years. The goal of ADI Artificial Intelligence is to augment human capabilities and assist us in performing complex activities with simplified adaptive capabilities. To generalize and simplify the stimulation of human intelligence processes in digital systems, it executes basic activities that are similar to those performed by humans.

ADI AI development began in 2015 in an attempt to create a system that exhibits a significant degree of human autonomy similar to human personality traits, resulting in a General Intelligence System that relatively mimics the personal choices of intelligent beings.

.Social Networking.

Autogenous Deep Intelligence AI made a significant breakthrough in 2016 by forging a fighting game as a non-human entity. Later on, advancement in real-time unsupervised adaptation led to the evolution of the AI operating system that performs multifaceted tasks that mimics the rudimentary abilities of humans and optimizes routine processes for speed and efficiency.

The current research phase is focused on evolving ADI into an AI system that can surpass human-level performance in diverse fields especially those that require minimal strategic activity. The intelligence ability not limited to the designated purpose on hand is the deployment benchmark, thus the benchmark makes the system a viable general-purpose AI that can be useful and effective for almost anything.

Simplifying Artificial Intelligence for everyone


International Jury

Tenith acts as an international jury in the field of scientific research and technological inventions at esteemed platforms and organizations. His diverse expertise and reputation in the field of scientific innovations makes the presence remarkable both nationally and internationally. Occasionally, he serves as an academic consultant in education, environment, and entrepreneurship.

President of International Science Federation

International Science Federation

Global Scientific Organization

year 2017

Age 18

The global organization nurturing innovators and change makers

The International Science Federation seeks to support innovations, scientific research, and ideas that can bring positive impact and prosperous change in human lives. The International Science Federation (INSCIF) is a non-governmental organization addressing the greatest problems of humankind with science and innovation. The mission of INSCIF is to promote breakthroughs towards a sustainable and inclusive future for all humankind. Through recognition and mentorship, The International Science Federation prioritizes the growth of potential innovators and change-makers from all walks of life.

Today, more than ever, there is an imperative need to amplify the voices of those innovators and change makers who are bringing a new perspective to some of our planet’s biggest social and environmental challenges. We are visioned, determined, and committed to supporting the talents who are advancing innovative solutions and promoting positive initiatives that contribute to both the planet and the people.

Supporting scientific practices for humanity


Architect of Dexterion AI Fighting Game


AI Forged Gaming Application

year 2016

Age 17

An artificial intelligence Forged Fighting Game

Dexterion is a fighting game developed with the analytical input from an artificial intelligence system capable of human reasoning. For the first time in the gaming industry, a non-human entity determined the complex logical values without having any predefined benchmark inputs. This Sci-Fi superhero game released in 2016 has 3 complexities, 24 levels, and 48 game characters, also set a Guinness World Record in 2017.

Launched commercially on both physical and stores online, “Dexterion, The Ultimate Annihilator of the evil dominion: Under Cyborg Demon's Armageddon Battle - Fate of the cryptic world in cybernetic trooper's hands” revolves around a pre-apocalypse scenario where the player takes the avatar of a programmer and fights multiple Artificial Intelligence’s cyborgs that try to annihilate the world by an ultra-targeted bio-weapon.

The storyline begins when a human-level AI system created to preserve planet earth eventually, learns that the activities of humankind are destroying the planet withal its millions of species in existence.

The AI system concludes to exterminate humans for the sake of protecting the planet and the earthlings. Instead of choosing nuclear weapons, it locates an ultra-targeted biological weapon in a classified research base. The intended weapon eradicates the human species alone.

The Player engages the artificial intelligence cyborgs with close combat in multiple cyber facilities at classified locations to foil this masterplan. Will the Homo sapiens outlive this biological apocalypse?

The game plot is created to warn about human-driven apocalyptic threats that could lead to extinction and societal collapse. Recent human advancements have paved the path to a line of new threats, where the ability of destruction is exponential. If an AI system developed its own goals and had the capability to pursue them, the consequences could be catastrophic to all entire humankind.

The exponential level tipping points such as targeted ethnic bio-weapon, programmers losing control of human-level AI systems, and bioengineered pandemic, pose an irreversible threat to our very own survival. Whether it be eco-threats such as climate change, or cyber-threats such as human-level AI systems, minimizing the risk of such catastrophic events, and future-proof plans for a rapid response, if it ever occurred should never be neglected.

Chilling cyber adventures


Organizational Governance

Leadership Responsibilities Undertaken

pick of the Month

pick of the Month





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