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Tenith Adithyaa M

Inventor & Innovation Scholar

CEO, Tenith Innovations
Founder, Altruu Discovery Engine
Founder, Lets Innovate Youth Movement
President, International Science Federation
Chairman, Altruu Innovation Centre

Tenith Adithyaa is a Indian entrepreneur, inventor and activist.

A serial innovator, teenage scientist, researcher, software developer, motivational speaker, science campaigner, professional coin collector, Guinness world record holder and a teacher at the age of 20 has 19 inventions.

As the founder of the social innovation movement 'Lets Innovate youth', he empowered more than 89,000 youths worldwide since 2010. He is the first Innovation Scholar of India and the inventor of Banana Leaf Technology, a cellular technology to create eco-friendly materials.

Being part of the global scientific community, he functions as an international jury and an academic consultant overseeing scientific innovations. Autogenous Deep Intelligence AI and Altruu Social Network are also his brainchildren. He has bagged international reputation and numerous awards for his scientific contribution and social services. Tenith presides as the CEO of Tenith Innovations and heads a global organization of innovators and change makers.

Starting his scientific journey at 2nd grade, Adithyaa spends most of his time in his lab to come up with various solutions and innovations that could help the society at large. While lying on the hospital bed, he told his parents, ‘Science needs sacrifice’, which frightened his parents so much that they never allowed him to work with chemicals thereafter. But, truly dedicated to his passion towards science, he continued his research.

Leadership Positions and Responsibilities Undertaken

Tenith started experimenting at the age of 6 and created his first invention at age 10. He developed 19 inventions under the age of 18 including the world’s first cellular enhancement technology to create organic augmented biomaterial. ‘Banana Leaf Technology’, an eco-friendly tech that preserves leaves and organic biomaterial for a year without the use of any chemicals makes a viable material alternative for both plastic and paper which greatly reduces climate change and plastic epidemic which bagged ‘International Environment Award’, the highest honor for environmental works and led an invitation to Parliament of Netherland. For his contribution in science, he was awarded as the first ‘Innovation Scholar’ of India, the highest honor for grassroots innovators and professional inventors in the nation. He is the first Indian to receive the ‘International Young Inventor Award’, the highest honor for civilian inventors. He was also awarded ‘International Youth Creative Award’, the highest honor for civilians under 30 by Kingdom of Bahrain.

Started as a science campaigner, Tenith founded a social innovation movement at the age of 10 as a national technological awareness campaign that turned out to be a global movement in 2013 and federated a global scientific organization at the age of 18. ‘Lets Innovate Youth’ movement aimed to empower youth with innovation and creative education impacted 89,000 young minds worldwide across 24 countries which allowed the creation of 22 new innovations. ‘International Science Federation’, a global organization of innovators and change makers addressing greatest problems of humankind with science and innovation. This global non-profit with members in 30 countries builds fearless disruptors and problem solvers of tomorrow. For his social contribution, Tenith was awarded the ‘National Techno-social Achiever Award’ in 2018, the highest honor for social works under technological field in the nation. He is the first Indian to receive the ‘International Scientific Contribution Award’, the highest honor for social activism in science. He was also awarded ‘The International Diana Award’, the highest honor for international community services by Government of Britain.

Professionally Tenith chose entrepreneurship at the age of 15 by establishing a R&D enterprise with primary area of works focusing on Research, Technology and Education. Tenith Innovations, a technological and scientific research company incorporated in 2017 covering 19 industrial fields is the only Indian company to hold a Guinness World Record in computer sector. The benchmarks include commercialization of the world’s longest running computer program, India’s first expertise development platform, the world’s first A.I. forged software and development of India’s first indigenous A.I. cloud operating system. Tenith launched Altruu, the world’s first discovery engine as an internet startup at the age of 20. The global track-free social network and discovery engine redefines the way people consume information and generate knowledge with privacy and information diet as its core. This social networking startup made India one of the only three countries with core discovery technology outside the United States and Russia. Altruu connects and discovers millions of discoverable information to more than 20 countries every day having accumulated more than 3 million knowledge content, built India’s largest indigenous knowledge ecosystem.

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Quick Facts

Tenith in 2018


Tenith Adithyaa

டெனித் ஆதித்யா Ṭeṉit ātityā

तेनिथ आदिथाय tenith aadithaay


February 11, 1998




Tamil Nadu, India




STEM Higher Education, Science & Mathematics
Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering




Tenith Adithyaa Mavel Rajan

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CEO, Tenith Innovations
Founder, Altruu Discovery Engine
Founder, Lets Innovate Youth Movement
President, International Science Federation
Chairman, Altruu Innovation Centre



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Making information discoverable

Combating global warming with super hero leaves

Empowering change makers and disrupters of tomorrow

Creating a better world, one innovation at a time

Forging sustainable scientific practice for humanity

Simplifying Artificial Intelligent for everyone

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Turning ideas into realities
Critical thinking
Goal oriented
Planned Execution
Future focused
Verbal and written communication
Time Management
First Principles Thinking
Long-term thinking


“For those who live with science, space is not even the limit.”

“We are only as strong as our imagination and our will to act.”

“I don't want to live with problems, I like to solve them."

“They say we won the war. In my opinion, we really win when there is no more war.”

“Without the right information at right time, evil deceives humanity!”

“If you have the ability to make someone learn, do it! The world needs more of that…”

“As individuals we are victorious, but as united we are heroic!”

“Moments of pain worth a lifetime of legacy.”

“The most powerful person in the world is one who does the right thing when all odds are against.”


Tenith Innovations

Research and Development Company

year 2017

Age 18

Tenith Innovations is a technology and research company focused primarily on delivering breakthrough innovations and developing cutting-edge products that make people's lives easier. Incorporated as an R&D enterprise in 2017, The company develops new products and solutions in key areas such as R&D, technology, and education. Tenith Innovations focuses on impact entrepreneurship by providing social-first products.


Creating a better world, one innovation at a time

Autogenous Deep Intelligence AI

Artificial Intelligence Operating System

year 2015

Age 16

Autogenous Deep Intelligence AI is the artificial intelligence system built on adaptive deep autogenesis neural strategy, improves its efficiency and neural complexity over time. Conceived and trained over a period of 3 years, it is launched in 2015 and became India’s first indigenous A.I. cloud operating system. Designed specifically for sustainable digital computing with autonomy, ADI AI cuts back on high computational resources and allows better A.I. learning than ever.


Simplifying Artificial Intelligence for everyone

Banana Leaf Technology

Cellular Enhancement Technology

year 2010

Age 11

Banana Leaf Technology is a climate tech startup that commercializes augmented organic biobased materials made from natural leaves using enhancement technologies. The enhancement technology creates biomaterials from natural leaves without chemicals thus a viable material alternative for both plastic and paper, capable of replacing a range of single-use plastic and paper products. The startup can prevent the destruction of around 7 billion trees annually and can greatly reduce climate change and the plastic epidemic.


Combating global warming with super hero leaves

Power Mind

Analytical Gaming Software

year 2010

Age 12

Power Mind is an analytical game designed as a standalone software that could be played for more than half a millennium. Developed in 2010, it is a strategy based game focuses gameplay on the fine motor and logical adaptability of the gamers. Built with minimal processing and storage requirement, the game has the capability of running up to 570 years continuously making it the longest-running computer program ever created.


Mind Bending Gaming to the core


Internet Startup - Discovery Engine & Social Network

year 2018

Age 20

Altruu, the internet startup that builds an discovery engine with information diet as its core. Altruu Discovery Engine is a discovery platform that allows users to have an easy, instant access to a vast and diverse amount of possible information through interest-driven Internet discovery. We are dedicated to discovering the best information on earth using intelligent discovery and empowering people with breakthrough knowledge.

Social Networking

Making information discoverable

Altruu Innovation Centre

Innovation & Startup Incubation Centre

year 2018

Age 20

Altruu Innovation Centres are the innovation hubs that facilitate creative ecosystem to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. The Centre progresses towards enabling the growth of next generation technological and social advancements. Altruu Innovation Centres classified in 3 divisions are offering a comprehensive set of programs and services in 7 expertized areas to accelerate creativity and grow sustainable technologies.


Fostering entrepreneurship and mastership

Lets Innovate Youth

Creative Literacy & Social Innovation Movement

year 2009

Age 10

Let's Innovate Youth Movement is a creative literacy and social innovation movement aimed at empowering the innovational and entrepreneurial spirit of young people. This organization works for the betterment of our planet and humanity impacting 89,000 young minds worldwide across 36 countries with 178 brainstorming camps. Founded as a national technological awareness campaign in 2009, turned out to be a global literacy movement in 2013 which resulted in the creation of 22 new innovations.


Empowering change makers and disrupters of tomorrow

International Science Federation

Global Scientific Organization

year 2017

Age 18

International Science Federation is a global non-profit, non-governmental organization of innovators and change makers addressing greatest problems of humankind with science and innovation. The mission of INSCIF is to enable breakthrough towards sustainable and inclusive future for all the humankind. This global non-profit with members in 30 countries builds fearless disruptors and problem solvers of tomorrow.


Forging sustainable scientific practice for humanity

Olympic Initiative

Sports Talent Development Ecosystem

year 2016

Age 18

Olympic initiative is a comprehensive initiative formulated as a civilian sport ecosystem that enables identifying and sustaining talent from multidisciplinary grassroot levels for international sporting. The initiative improves sporting by fostering the right talent at a young age. Proposed in 2016, it works in the betterment of Indian sports environment and resulted in the formation of national youth sports program in 2018 by Prime Minister of India.


Voicing for the Olympic

Tamil Numerical Initiative

Language evolution policy

year 2010

Age 12

Tamil Numerical Evolution Initiative is a research initiative set forth to vernacularize Tamil numerals and advance digital usage for the coexistence of Tamil numerals and characters of the language. Proposed in 2010 around the occasion of 10th World Classical Tamil Conference, this initiative acts as the initial guidelines for linguistic experts and scholars to create adaptable distinction between language characters and numerals for universal digital usage.


advancing classical languages

BWhale Aware

Digital Awareness Tool

year 2016

Age 17

BWhale Aware is a universal cyber awareness tool that assists in combating digital threats and suicidal games. Launched in 2016, the world’s first awareness mobile tool to combat suicidal games focuses on stress management, mental health, cyber safety and parenting. The tool aided in curbing 2 global suicidal phenomenon by countering dangerous online trends through assisting and serving more than 1 million users in 70+ countries.


saving human lives digitally

Global Student Leaders Program

Expertise Development Platform

year 2014

Age 16

Global Student Leaders Program is a platform engineered to enhance young minds in mastering leadership and information age skills through creative education. The program framed in 2014, fosters youth to succeed in this digital era by incorporating diverse and multi-proficient expertise. This inclusive platform focuses on 64 skill sets and delivers 7 fluencies in an experiment based environment.


Making Youth Minds Extraordinary


A.I. Forged Gaming Application

year 2016

Age 17

Dexterion is a fighting game developed with the analytical input from an artificial intelligent system capable of autonomy. For the first time in the gaming industry, a non-human entity determined the complex logical values without any predefined inputs or training. This Sci-Fi superhero game released in 2016 having 3 complexities, 24 levels and 48 game characters, also set a Guinness World Record in 2017.


Chilling cyber adventures


"Curiosity is the spirit
that drives human kind forward"

- Tenith Adithyaa M

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