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Tenith started experimenting at the age of 6 and created his first invention at age 10. He developed 19 inventions under the age of 18 including the world’s first cellular enhancement technology to create organic augmented biomaterial. ‘Banana Leaf Technology’, an eco-friendly tech that preserves leaves and organic biomaterial for a year without the use of any chemicals makes a viable material alternative for both plastic and paper which greatly reduces climate change and plastic epidemic which bagged ‘International Environment Award’, the highest honor for environmental works and led an invitation to Parliament of Netherland.

For his contribution in science, he was awarded as the first ‘Innovation Scholar’ of India, the highest honor for grassroots innovators and professional inventors in the nation. He is the first Indian to receive the ‘International Young Inventor Award’, the highest honor for civilian inventors. He was also awarded ‘International Youth Creative Award’, the highest honor for civilians under 30 by Kingdom of Bahrain.


Motivational speaker

Tenith is visioned and self-committed to his values. He impacts to unleash potentials of young minds within themselves towards an inspiring journey. He spent more than a decade as a motivational speaker across dozens of nations, echoed in more than hundreds of stages and summits around the globe. Till now, he has delivered 237 motivational sessions covering 89,000 young minds by spurring ideas and strategies.

Guinness World Record Holder

Tenith had a burning desire on setting World Records from the age of 8, he had chosen the area of technology as his expertise. He holds 1 Guinness World Record and 2 Guinness World Record Attempts under his credentials. The first Guinness World Record titled as “Most software and games created on youngest age” was recorded in February 2010 at the age of 11.

Chess Player

Tenith is a strategic person and loves to be intellectual. He relies on thoughtful planning and execution for both professional and social life. To streamline his strategic moves, he counted on chess from the age of 10. He started to play as a hobby that drove him to become a professional player and now, he plays only to take the edge off.


Tenith sees teaching as a means to share knowledge. He spent time in various classrooms brainstorming and teaching creative learning froam the age of 10. Traditional education doesn’t amuse him right from his school educations, so he placed self-education above all. Started tutoring technical education after school, at present, he lectures at universities and corporates occasionally.

Professional Coin Collector

Tenith is fascinated by history from his childhood. He often takes adventurous trips and spends time to explore places of historical values. He loves to feel antiques and artifacts hence he starts to collect them at the age of 8. At present, Tenith collections include ten thousands of coins, thousands of bank notes and other artifacts from various historical periods.

Impact Entrepreneur

Tenith directs businesses as impact and social first to fuel his professional and social activities. Started technical entrepreneurship at the age of 15, he incorporated as commercial entity at 2017. Tenith became a fulltime entrepreneur on becoming the CEO of Tenith Innovations, a technology and R & D based enterprise at the age 18. At present, he is heading Altruu social network, an internet social networking enterprise.

Bird Tamer

Tenith is an animal lover and a dog person. He believes in a world where humans and all living kinds coexist happily. He started to befriend birds from the age of 11 and some of his best companions are parakeets. He shares his living space currently with four budgies and occasionally has harsh arguments with them.

Social Activist

Tenith works towards bringing social and environmental change. From the age of 11, he journeys towards the cause that ‘as human, we hold a responsibility towards the betterment of humanity and our planet’ and ‘without the right information to the right people at the right time, evil deceives humanity’. He founded an international social movement, three environmental & social initiatives and dozens of digital activism tools. At present, Tenith fights with the environmental degradation and infodemic in human civilization.


Tenith had a keen eye for developing software and mastered 6 programming languages and 35 computer applications at the age of 10. In 2008, he started to create software as an interest which in turn led to professional software development. He developed dozens of software in multiple languages as well as in various fields. As he is proficient in technical area, he is currently heading an R & D company.

Software Developer

Tenith developed impact based software, applications and programs where most of them directly contributes to the students. He spent time productively in high school by planning layouts and writing line of codes while sitting at last bench that resulted in 24 software within a span of three years. At present, he focuses on his social networking enterprise and occasionally designs professional software and applications.


Tenith loves spending time cycling. Though he is not a sportsperson, most of his cherished childhood memories were occurred while cycling in countryside outdoors. At present, he rarely finds time to race with his friends still it stays as his favorite.


Tenith loves challenges and likes to solve problems. He observes and works towards scientific betterment that can advance human civilization. Tenith did his first successful experiment at the age of 6 and created his first successful technology at the age of 11. At present, he is passively involved in three diverse researches in the fields of cellular regeneration, organic cultivation and physical transmutation.

Science Campaigner

Tenith is vocal about innovations and creativity. He considers them to be the best means and the very essence of human development. He started to popularize science and talent acquisition among students and youths from the age of 10. Currently, he spends his time most in mentoring innovators across the globe.

Serial Innovator

Tenith takes differential path on inventing solutions. Curiosity is the very essence that drives Tenith to take multiple challenges. Tenith did his first successful invention in home-made laboratory at the age of 10 and continues to solve problems faced in life. He works on diverse fields ranging from biotechnology to alternative energy and created 19 inventions over the past decade.

Teenage Scientist

Tenith conducted research in his home-made laboratory during his school life. After couple of inventions, he advanced to multiple research areas and made international publications. He employed scientific methodology to develop his ideas into reality but he always relied on innovative means rather than sticking with traditional approaches. At present, his primary scientific contribution is focused on biological enhancement.


In Tamil culture, it’s a primary belief that naming represents and holds certain values on one’s life. Since, Tenith’s parents held cultural and traditional values to greater esteem, naming followed the same.

Tenith Adithyaa (டெனித் ஆதித்யா) = Ten + ith + Adithya + a

‘Tenith’ is chosen according to numerology and astrology to represent a person who has ten diverse talents.

‘Adithya’ refers to the sun and the energy it holds. To amplify the power of sun as stated, an additional ‘a’ is added with ‘Adithya’. Hence, the term ‘Adithyaa’ is chosen to represent a person who has more will power and energy than the sun in our solar system.

‘Tenith Adithyaa’ symbolizes a person who holds more will power and energy than the sun and excels in ten diverse fields of choice.


Watrap, Tamil Nadu, India

Watrap (வத்றாப்) is a rural village located in the outskirts of Southern India.

The traditional name of this village, was Vatratha Iruppu (வத்திராயிருப்பு) which gave the meaning "surplus water" in Tamil and now, it is modernly called as Watrap. Watrap is located in Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu, India with the geographic coordinates of 9.6357° N and 77.6393° E at an elevation of 73m (240ft) above the sea level. Some of the neighboring cities & towns are Srivilliputhur, Madurai, Theni and Sivakasi.

People in Watrap speaks in Tamil, their native language and in English at times. Various occupations were based on Agriculture and the village is free from any caste, religion or race disputes. Watrap was initially under Srivilliputtur taluk with Town Panchayat Civic state, it became independent Taluk by creation of the new taluk in 2018.

Watrap is well-known for ancient temples and its eco-tourism sites which include Sathuragiri Hills and Pilavakkal Dam. Sathuragiri Temple is one of the important pilgrimage sites located near Watrap and pilgrims turn up in large numbers on every special occasions to seek blessings.

Tenith feels peaceful and right at home while in his nativity. He loves the ambience, people and culture environment his nativity provides. He is very much attached and connected to his hometown, that he embraces it in more than few occasions. Tenith honoured his hometown by naming a game level after his village in 2016.

Transparency Statement

Tenith is neither affiliated with any political parties nor related to any religious groups in anyway and does not stand down on the views of political spectrum. His political view is neutral, he believes in democracy and is against extremism of any kind.

Tenith is a citizen and permanent resident of The Republic of India. He holds suffrage in India, thus the transparency statement is focused on the Indian political landscape.

Tenith works in various policy and initiative developments, academic and diplomatic consultations and strategic evaluation since 2010 both nationally and internationally. The transparency statement based on the national level political relations established over time. The relations comprise of 3 national parties and 8 state parties in India, are taken into account with political party heads, cabinet ministers and parliament members. The relationship is termed as a professional connection established during initiative developments and consultations or recognition for initiative and policy developments.


Tenith was born as a healthy baby in Srivilliputhur, Tamil Nadu, India on February 11, 1998 and came into this world by natural birth weighing about 2.75 Kg with the B positive (B+) blood type. Born as a single child to his parents he was nurtured closely by his mother for the very first year and spent the next decade under the love of his grandmother.

During Childhood, Tenith was brought up by his grandparents and spent a decade of his early life in W.Pudupatti, a rural village located in the outskirts of Southern India. Tenith hit the walking milestone by the end of 13 months and began speaking at about 10 months. As a history teacher, Tenith’s grandmother brought him up with tasteful and interesting stories that shaped his thought process and ultimately led to love history.

As a single child, he was often competitive but it was softened by his sisterly care from ‘Radhika P’ who took care and treated Tenith as his own brother from his childhood. Her feminine care made Tenith to have a huge affection towards elder sisters even today. They spent a decade together as brother and sister as thick as thieves in all aspects. One of the biggest regards that Tenith holds is missing her marriage as he was held up during a national research program.

Tenith entered into his school life around the age of 3 years and holds Indian nationality to the date.


The one person whom Tenith obeys and loves unconditionally is his grandmother. The bond between them is indescribable. She always comes to Tenith’s matter of defense without questions and always taught him the values of life along with the difference between the right and wrong.

Tenith became fluent in both Tamil and English at the age of 3. His grandmother played a vital role in his literature fluency as she ensured his routine communication proficiency by engaging in conversation that seemed like interested to him. The entire childhood was shaped by his grandmother.

As a single child, the brought up usually brings selfishness and loneliness but his grandmother’s unconditional love has showed Tenith that a person can love someone more than himself and that is what true love and care mean. In contradiction to what Tenith wanted, his grandmother opposed his early exposure to technology and computers.

Tenith is a lazy child and he is often too lazy. His grandmother found interesting ways to keep him energetic and playful. As time went by, his laziness became habit of choice.

The professional life chosen by Tenith is self-motivated but he sees his social life somewhat set forth by the life values taught by his grandmother in his early age. She always insisted him to ‘help others’, ‘do the right thing; no matter what’ and ‘respect and treat everyone equally’.

Till date, he loves grandmother’s riddles, stories and cooking.


Tenith spent his childhood rarely with his mother. As he was very much bonded with his grandmother, he seen his mother like a stranger for quite a while. The relationship between Tenith and his mother was somehow drastic. He fought, argued and despised his mother in his early days.

As every mother in this planet, Tenith’s mother cared and loved him in her own ways and she sacrificed much of her life towards her family. He learned will power, the essence of life and motherly care from his mother.

As every mother would, Tenith’s mother also wanted a good and peaceful life for her son. When he wanted to do something different than the ordinary kids, she was skeptical. As his mother had a traditional frame of mind, she always saw his academic accomplishments as far more important than his research. She was also feared about his future and higher education. Her fear came true when Tenith realized that traditional education is of no greater value. On this subject, Tenith and his mother were at opposite ends.

His mother wanted him to achieve in academic education but his mind was set in a different path. All these arguments were caused a greater deal of stress on his family but his firm belief pushed him to pursue towards his vision. For a long time nearly half a decade, this difference of opinion and conflict were retained between both of them. Tenith mother had a keen eye and firm position on his completion of formal education.

The traditional mindset, set forth firmly by the current education system that achievement or success of life is merely based on academic education and scores have played a huge role on slowing the progress of Tenith. Even though he was firm and rigid towards his journey and vision, the impact was delivered through his mother. As Tenith holds high regards for his family, he was ultimately compelled to fulfill the emotional needs of his mother.

The system magnified the need of traditional education and schoolings rather than giving importance to self-learning and practical education. The rather the problem arises not because of the need of education, rather it became a necessity in the eyes of society. To mingle and coexist in a social order, it became an inseparable part of the life. People undergo traditional education not because it was needed or useful in life but rather it was required to fit into the society, system and among the social peer system.



Tenith believes in self-education above all else and considers mastering it to the fullest is a game changer. He tries to acquire new skill every six months and decompresses by reading books. Academically he is an engineer majored in computer science.

Started his schooling around the age of 3 in his hometown and continued till his higher education for about 14 years in the same precinct. Undergone STEM education from the early years and specialized in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. At age 17 attends state engineering college awarded a full scholarship with additional sponsorship for his bachelors in computer science engineering during 2015 – 2019.


STEM Higher Education




Nature and Travel

Favorite color?


The coolest natural wonder ever seen?

Aurora Borealis

Favorite environmental sound?


The prettiest natural landscape ever seen?


Favorite type of wild weather?

Heavy snow

Favorite flower personally grown?

White Rose

Hobbies and Entertainment

Favorite hobby activity that makes me get lost for hours?

Cataloging antics

The most important tool in my craft or hobby kit?


The coolest handmade gift I ever gave anyone?

Flying Kite

Favorite movie of all time?

Ender’s Game

Favorite animated show?

Martin Mystery

Favorite musician?

Maroon 5

Favorite horror movie?

Autopsy of Jane Doe

Famous person I've admired, living or dead, whom I'd most like to meet?

Leonardo da Vinci

Favorite book of all time?

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

The most treasured book in my library?

Ignited Minds gifted to Tenith by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam in person

Favorite artist?

Michael Jackson

Favorite song?

Maroon 5 - Animals

Favorite guilty pleasure band?

Disturbed (Heavy Metal)

Favorite song I ever danced to?

Pharrell Williams - Happy

Favorite instrument?


Song that makes me move no matter how bad I feel?

Michael Jackson - Dangerous

Favorite TV rerun I could watch 50 times?

House of Cards

Food and Drink

Favorite food I've cooked?

Vegetable Pulao Rice (Turned out accidentally amazing during sophomore days)

Favorite food from childhood?

All of Grandma’s cooking

Favorite drink on a hot summer day (include event)?


Favorite drink on a cold winter night (include event)?

Grandma’s Cardamom Tea

The best cup of coffee I've ever had?

Nescafe Instant Late Original

The best dessert I've ever eaten?

Cold Sweetened Rice Pudding (Accidentally had on Thai Airways which made him a frequent flyer)

Favorite junk food?

McDonalds French Fries at Houston, Texas

Favorite ice cream ever?

Strawberry flavored ice cream

My favorite cooking or kitchen smell?

Deep fried chicken

Favorite type of cuisine?



My favorite patriotic experience?

First time, my victory led to the appearance of Indian flag in a global arena

The longest phone conversation I've ever had?

11 hours

My most unexpected moment?

When Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam addressed my scientific contribution in 101st Indian Science Congress Speech.

The most significant change I've had to go through?



Favorite perfume?

Cool Fragrance

Favorite outdoor smell?


Favorite baked good to smell?

Fresh Bread

Pets and Animals

Favorite pet I ever had?

Blue Budgie

The most unusual pet I've ever had?


Favorite type of pet?


Favorite animal?


Favorite dinosaur?


Favorite bird?

Scarlet Macaw


Tenith spends his leisure time watching movies, shows and listening to songs of various genres. The favorite streaming genres are science fiction, adventure and horror. The favorite music genres are rock and metal.


Ender's Game (2013)

Ender's Game is the all-time favorite movie of Tenith. Tenith loves this movie because it narrates that each and every living organism is like human beings and it is the duty and true nature of humankind to care and protect them. Whenever Tenith watches this movie, it reminds him that things are always a lot more than what it seems and doing the right thing is what matters the most.


Designated Survivor (2016)

Designated Survivor is one of the favorite shows of Tenith. Tenith loves this show because it expresses that everyone can achieve their full potential with good moral and no shortcuts are needed to progress in life. Whenever Tenith watches this show, it reminds him that anyone can solve great problems with moral approach and freedom everyone enjoy has a cost, the sacrifices of change makers.


"I do not want to live with problems, I just want to solve them"

- Tenith Adithyaa M

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