Tenith is a Indian entrepreneur, inventor and social activist

Age 0

Born as a curious and active kid

Being curious, plays with toys

Celebrates first birthday without mom

Age 1

Fuelled by more curiosity, he dismantles toys and tries to understand them

Absolutely loves animals especially dogs

Age 2

Loves stories and quizzes

Grandparents encourage morale values at home

Age 3

Becomes fluent in Tamil and English

Learns that understanding the way things work, from toys to universe is call science

Starts traditional schooling

Receives his first award, South Indian student artistic award

Age 4

Asks questions, when feel unanswered to the core starts to read books

Founds the evolution of organisms and their survival abilities fascinating

Falls in love with science

Shows progressive interest in arts, academics and books

Uses computer to access world wide web

Wants to explore more about internet and computer, restricted to access computer citing his age

Age 5

Treasured a collection of 1000+ shells and mom throws away as trash

Demands a story as a reward for each book completion

Lacks attention at school

Determines to try something different

Loves bike-rides with dad, addictive to speed turns a Adrenaline Junkie

Age 6

Read 3 encyclopaedias

First successful experiment

Reengineered miniature machinery and robotics from toys

His Intuition led to his family’s miraculous escape from 2004 Tsunami at Indian Ocean

Dreams to do something different in the entire world

Self-taught cycling

Hopelessly tried to reverse engineer spider instinct and webs

Age 7

Asks encyclopaedia as birthday present

Builds and launches model rockets from scratch

Desires on setting World Records

Choses to pursue science & technology as his interest and gain expertise

Spends a lot of time outside riding and races with seniors

Childishly tries to create hybrid varieties of plants

Age 8

Barred from learning short-hand

Starts programming and coin collection

Wants to help people in need, realises the needs are omnipresent

Made the habit of reading 26 pages a day

Broke his right arm during a cycling race

Spent a year learning about Spider, Jelly Fish and Cockroaches

Age 9

Tries to figure out why people are in need and paces on finding a solution

Understands doing something in the world should impact human lives

Collection crosses 1K coins and banknotes

Adds antiques and artifacts to the collection

Learns chess from his sisterly figure

Age 10

Mastered 6 programming languages

Invented his first technology at 10, Trail 318 successfully prolongs the lifespan of leaves

Came across first teacher who took interested his scientific viewsaCame across first teacher who took interested in his scientific views

Finishes 2 years perfecting wireless electricity transmission

Lectured to University Students on cellular regeneration nature of Jellyfish

Begins populariztion science and talent acquisition among students and youths at 10 by founding a social innovation movement

Age 11

Befriends a budgie

Offered double-promotion in schooling

Submitted first research paper for national science program

First Guinness World Record

Collection crosses 10K coins and banknotes

Age 12

Applied for Master’s degree in state university

Got Glasses

Builds the world’s longest running computer program

Second Guinness World Record

“Banana Leaf Technology” was rejected on two national science programs

Plays chess professional

Submitted language evolution policy for a classic language

Age 13

Concludes four research projects with no success

Completes formulating the home-made laboratory

Starts Project Transmutation to create new elementals

Project HEAL shows significant success on a catfish

Age 14

Receives first national award

Collection crosses 100K coins and banknotes

Starts Project Zeus to create a knowledge networking platform

Starts Project Grey to simplify A.I. with autonomy, a system that has desires and favourites

Crashes workstation, losses 1.5 terabyte of research and personal data

Age 15

Speaks at International STEM Summit

Inventions surges to 17

Project Transmutation results in a non-alloy iron to copper transition, halts project indefinitely

Almost died from a lab accident. Quote: “Science needs pure sacrifice”

Starts technical entrepreneurship at the age of 15

Delegate at Indian Science Congress

Former Indian President Dr. Kalam mentions Tenith’s scientific contribution in the address at 101st Indian Science Congress

Age 16

Receives first international award

Develops indigenous Autogenous A.I. System, Project Grey becomes ADI A.I.

Originates a expertise development platform for youth

Becomes nation’s first Innovation Scholar and the youngest official guest of the President to stay in Rashtrapati Bhavan

Age 17

Attends state engineering college for bachelors in computer science

Creates world’s first mobile tool to combat suicidal games

Architectures an A.I. forged gaming application

Third Guinness World Record

Age 18

Proposed national sports talent development ecosystem

Federated a global scientific organisation, International Science Federation

Inventions surges to 19

Acts as International Jury in the field of scientific research, technological inventions and startups

Age 19

Project HEAL fails regeneration on human cells

Project Zeus became Altruu, decides Hexagon to be the brand representation

Age 20

Established internet startup Altruu, the world’s first discovery engine

Founded an innovation centre for startups, change makers and problem solvers

Age 21

Develops India’s largest indigenous knowledge ecosystem

Starts Project Democracy for Intelligent Activism

Commercializes Banana Leaf Technology with technology transfer as business model




Successful Experiment

National Award

Guinness World Record

International Award
TEDx Speaker
Guest @ Presidential house

Delegate at
Indian Science Congress

International Jury

Invited to
United Nations HQ


"Moments of pain
worth a lifetime of legacy"

- Tenith Adithyaa M

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