CEO of tenith innovations

Tenith Innovations Private Limited

Research and Development Company

year 2017

Age 18

Just Solving Global Problems…

Tenith Innovations, a technological and scientific research company primary area of works focusing on Research, Technology and Education. Incorporated as a R&D enterprise in 2017 covers 19 industrial fields, the only Indian company to hold a Guinness World Record in computer sector. Tenith Innovations focuses on impact entrepreneurship by providing society first solutions with 40+ benchmark products.

Tenith Innovations is a global technological and scientific research company, with its prime focus on delivering breakthrough innovations. The distinct field knowledge in wide sectors enables to provide creative custom-made solutions at every stage of product development.

We have a strong reputation for developing new products in key areas of R&D, Technology and Education. We believe in offering progressive end-to-end solutions by combining our research experience, technical expertise and profound knowledge of the latest technology. Our robust team of technocrats, innovators and creative developers prioritize problem solving and strive to be excellent solution pioneers in all technical fields.


Innovating towards
one globe


To spread
the power of humanity

Our exceptional research proficiency and prototyping help us blend non-traditional and futuristic approaches to deliver innovative products. We provide guidance to clients seeking the right solutions for their business needs. The personal attention that we provide to our customers is the key to our success. We, at Tenith Innovations always re-innovate ourselves for improvement in accordance to the new technologies for serving our society efficiently.

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Corporate Identity Number: U73100TN2017OPC114955

Creating a better world, one innovation at a time


originator of Global Student Leaders Program

Global Student Leaders Program

Expertise Development Platform

year 2014

Age 16

Making Youth Extraordinary

Global Student Leaders Program is a platform engineered to enhance young minds in mastering leadership and information age skills through creative education. The program framed in 2014, fosters youth to succeed in this digital era by incorporating diverse and multi-proficient expertise. This inclusive platform focuses on 64 skill sets and delivers 7 fluencies in an experiment based environment.

Learning Fluency
Information Fluency
Collaboration Fluency
Creativity Fluency
Media Fluency
Solution Fluency
Digital Fluency


A life changing personality & skills development platform to enrich creativity and innovation

Schools have done an excellent job of providing formal education but students still need information age skills. Formal school studies and frequent exams are having hard time making students extraordinary. The focus of this program is to help students master leadership and diplomatic skills at a young age.

This program is aimed to enhance students to succeed in this digital era. The program is mixed with fun and activities full of laughter. Students can make a great difference by living an entire creative life impacted by GSLP.

Making Youth Extraordinary