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Started as a science campaigner, Tenith founded a social innovation movement at the age of 10 as a national technological awareness campaign that turned out to be a global movement in 2013 and federated a global scientific organization at the age of 18. ‘Lets Innovate Youth’ movement aimed to empower youth with innovation and creative education impacted 89,000 young minds worldwide across 24 countries which allowed the creation of 22 new innovations. ‘International Science Federation’, a global organization of innovators and change makers addressing greatest problems of humankind with science and innovation. This global non-profit with members in 30 countries builds fearless disruptors and problem solvers of tomorrow.

For his social contribution, Tenith was awarded the ‘National Techno-social Achiever Award’ in 2018, the highest honor for social works under technological field in the nation. He is the first Indian to receive the ‘International Scientific Contribution Award’, the highest honor for social activism in science. He was also awarded ‘The International Diana Award’, the highest honor for international community services by Government of Britain.

Social activist

Science Campaigner

Motivational Speaker


Tenith has been traveling an inspirational path for more than a decade as a motivational speaker. His words have been echoed in more than hundreds of stages and summits across the globe. His passion to ignite youth keeps the journey fueled.

Tenith is visioned and self-committed to his values. He impacts to unleash potentials of young minds within themselves towards an inspiring journey. He spent more than a decade as a motivational speaker across dozens of nations, echoed in more than hundreds of stages and summits around the globe. Till now, he has delivered 237 motivational sessions covering 89,000 young minds by spurring ideas and strategies.


The world we live in is shaped by the great minds who worked towards the betterment of the humanity. Our present reality is defined by the actions of the people who lived before us. The actions of us, the present will shape the way human kind spends their time forwards.

Every human being is unique and are gifted with potential of their own. It is up to each of them to forge the potential into greatness. Greatness arises when we live our life towards a vision rather than surviving. Greatness neither has limit nor bias. Greatness can be forged by anyone, anywhere.

In life, failure or success doesn’t matter. The journey we travel and the inspiration we create are what matters the most. Struggles and hardships are parts of life, it’s what makes life much more interesting.

When People hit a wall, they see three options: go around it, climb over it or tunnel under. Change makers do the same but if all three don’t work out, they blow up the damn wall.

Failure is the bed rock of success; it lays foundation to what comes forth. Success or failure is an abstract concept, what we see as failure is the success of many people alike what we see as success is taken for failure by many people. Life is a journey; failure or success is determined only when we journey enough. We should not stop when laurels arrive, it is the vision that counts not the achievement. The value of ones’ life is coined by the history through the vision of their life.

Science is about “why”. But Innovation is not about “why”, it’s about “why not?” Science allows understanding of everything but innovation drives us beyond the boundaries of reality.

All we need is a single light bulb moment.

Innovation is everywhere; challenging the boundaries of reality is what innovation is, that brings greatness within. Powerful the vision, the longer it takes to forge the greatness. Greatness with a vision is a powerful companion. Only with this elegant combination, humanity can do wonders.


Tenith has been travelling around the world to fulfill his professional and social accountabilities from the very young age. He started to travel at the age of 4 to take part in various scientific and academic events happened around the surrounding cities and his international journey was started when he successfully invented his first technology at the age of 14. Mostly he travelled across the countries to exhibit his inventions, motivate the youth and often as a jury around the world. Still now, he has spent nearly half a year of his lifetime in travelling.






Tamil Numerical Evolution Initiative

Language evolution policy

year 2010

Age 12

The Initiative to vernacular Tamil numerals and advance digital usage

Tamil language is one among few of the classical languages which is still spoken by millions of people throughout the world, in diverse countries. Though many classical languages are extinct, Tamil withstands remarkably in the modern world due to its vernacular nature.

The digital world plays an important role in every possible activities thus shapes the way of modern living. As the long standing classical language, Tamil holds a significant responsibility to advance the digital age in more than one aspect. If the richness and versatility of Tamil are infused, it will widely contribute to the advancement of the computerized world.

Tamil Numerical Evolution Initiative is a research initiative set forth to act as the initial guidelines for linguistic experts and scholars to create a clear distinction between language characters and numerals that is efficient for universal digital usage, hence it can be better deployed and utilized on various processing and analytical usages. In general, the Tamil typeset is widely used yet it is hard to find the usage of Tamil numerals due to its similarities with the characters.

The proposed evolution of Tamil numerals is submitted in 2010 to the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Directorate of Tamil Official Language and Tamil Culture (now Ministry of Tamil Official Language and Tamil Culture) around the occasion of 10th World Classical Tamil Conference. The guidelines submitted is taken into consideration for the appropriate measures and paves solution to this profound issue, addresses both on general and technical usages. The initiative holds a vital part for the coexistence of Tamil numerals and characters, becoming Tamil numerals vernacular, ensuring a significant advancement in day-to-day public usage, digital accessibility and digital processing.


formulator of the Olympic Initiative

The Olympic Initiative

Sports Talent Development Ecosystem

year 2016

Age 18

Olympic voice as an 18-year-old teen

Voice For the Olympic

Offer to Indian Olympians as an 18-year-old teen

An open letter to the Prime Minister talking about the crucial steps that can help improve the condition of sports in India, and how he wants to contribute.

As the world’s largest democracy with world's largest youth population, India holds great potential in shaping the future of the planet. With the right policies and developments, the nation can empower young people to excel at a global level in diverse fields. When young people realize their full potential and explore opportunities, the magnitude of nations’ growth will accelerate exponentially. As citizens, it is the responsibility of every single person to enable development and empowerment of the nation.

The Olympic Initiative ‘India Towards Olympics Hunt’ is a comprehensive initiative formulated with vibrant guideline of diverse key factors and public contribution module to transform India as a sporting nation. The core guideline focuses on steps that can be undertaken for identifying and sustaining talent from multidisciplinary grassroot levels for international sporting. The crowdfunding module allows direct public involvement on sports sector where every individual can contribute to regional athlete towards the development of talent at the grassroots level. The key factors addresses qualified infrastructure, talent identification, strategic planning and development needed on each sports from the ground to professional level. It improves sporting conditions by fostering the right talent at a young age. The resulting program enables athletes to begin training from scratch and enhances performance on a sustainable environment.

Grassroots level selection and development

Qualified infrastructure & strategic support system

Comprehensive planning & selection of sports

Youthful talent identification & sustainment

Sports prospects in education

Athletes’ economical protection

More efficient sports administration & accountability

Public contribution towards sports

The comprehensive initiative towards the betterment of Indian sports was proposed to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India and Ministry of Youth Affairs And Sports, Government of India in the aftermath of 2016 Rio Olympics. The initiative proposed to the Prime Minister Office in 2016 resulted in the formation of Khelo India Youth Games ‘Play India Youth Games’ in 31 January 2018 across 16 sports with the Indian Olympic Association on board.


TEDx Talk1

TEDx Talk

- Spreading experience and journey to everyone

Banana Leaf Technology

The talk titled ‘Banana Leaf Technology’ focuses on an imminent solution to climate change and environment degradation by an efficient biomaterial. The cellular enhancement technology that creates organic biomaterial from natural leaves as a viable replacement for disposables. The talk is made on the theme ‘Actions Bring Change’ on November 7, 2015 at TEDxIIMKashipur, Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur, Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand, India. The talk shows the journey behind, the technical breakthroughs and advancements made possible with this technology and the impact this technology brings to this planet.

Zeal of Innovations

The talk titled ‘Zeal of Innovations’ focuses on the endeavors and challenges of change makers who strives for the betterment of the humanity. The drive behind the mission is to shape a better world in every aspect by advancing humanity. The talk is made on the theme ‘Dare Dream Disseminate’ on September 11, 2015 at TEDxSonaCollege, Sona College of Technology, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India. The talk shows the inception of the vision, inspiration to travel beyond, hardships faced to obtain the means for progress, the turning points led to forge the path and the journey towards the mission.

Social values

Smart work

We focus on innovation and solutions, which means we keep the bar high and are always pushing ourselves towards a higher level. We believe to achieve the elevated level of our goal, hard word combined with right amount of smartness is the key.


We strive to deliver excellence by doing the right thing because the journey is what everything is about, not just the result. We believe to do the right thing we always hold ourselves accountable and to act responsible for the greater good.


We humble ourselves to create and change our planet for the better, thus openness is the core part of that process. We believe to always act from multiple perspective when making critical decisions and are open to more difficult challenge every day.

Visionary Team

We build of people who are inspired and share Altruistic vision to advance humanity using technology. We believe on better, not bigger thus we push ourselves to increase our quality and efficiency on becoming the elite while supporting each other and having fun.


We take challenges that makes our heart beat fast, that’s how we measure our effort, failure is not an option when we have a creative mind set. We believe seeing the unseen, taking a whole new path, understanding our playing field makes us to stay ahead in a volatile environment.


"For those who live with science,
Space is not even the limit"

- Tenith Adithyaa M

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