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Tenith is a 22-year-old Indian entrepreneur, inventor and social activist.


Tenith is a 22-year-old Indian entrepreneur, inventor and social activist.

Tenith is a 22-year-old Indian entrepreneursocial activist.

Tenith is a 22-year-old Indian entrepreneur, inventor inventor andinventor andsocial activist.





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National Award

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Indian Science Congress

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United Nations HQ


Lab Accident

While Tenith was experimenting one of his projects “Physical Transmutation” on his home-made laboratory, he added disproportionate concentrated acid combination with mercury which led to evolution of toxic fumes. Even though Tenith employed safety measures including goggles, mask and artificial respiratory apparatus, the abrupt rise evolved toxic fumes affected his artificial respiratory system that resulted in the inhalation the toxic gasses. He was hospitalized for about a month and was struggling even to breathe at that time. This accident affected Tenith’s health seriously and caused the short-term loss of WBC and immunity along with the temporary state of low metabolism. While lying on the hospital bed, he told his parents, ‘Science needs sacrifice’ which frightened them so much that they never allowed him to work with chemicals thereafter. It took around six to seven months to recover his health completely. Still now, the accident is an intolerable incident to Tenith.

Dr. Kalam @ Indian Science Congress

When Tenith was a delegate in the occasion of the 101st Indian Science Congress, held in Jammu from February 3 – 7, 2014, he was listening to the key note lecture delivered by Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. In the inaugural address of Dr. Kalam, he noticed that it was a young prodigy who did many inventions and solving global problems. At first, Tenith was curious to know that person and was slightly envious. After a while, Dr. Kalam stated that the young prodigy was Tenith and let the audience know his scientific journey. Tenith was stared at him as he didn’t expect that it was him. He was shocked about it very much as Dr. Kalam didn’t even know that that he was there. For Tenith, it was an unforgettable memory always in his life.

Computer Course Entry Barrier

When Tenith was in grade 2, he wanted to learn computers and get into the internet because books didn't feed his intellectual thirsts as it contained limited information. At that period, Tenith didn’t have much exposure to computers and the internet as he was in a rural area. So, he went to a native computer institution where the institute superiors started to question him to know whether he want to play games there because he was just a grade 2 student but trying to learn courses practiced by graduates. But in the end, they restricted his admittance as the institution had mostly graduates. While being a kid, he stayed there with strong determination and asked them why he shouldn’t be given a chance. After struggling for about a year, he got admitted in the institution for a trial period of three days with a challenge that he could not continue over 3 days. At the end of his first day in the institute, they said Tenith that he was good enough to learn along with the other graduates and could continue the course from the next day.


"For those who live with science,
Space is not even the limit"

- Tenith Adithyaa M

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